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Invoicing Update – July 2013

31 July 2013

A reminder to providers who transferred to ASQA from the former Queensland VET regulator, and whose registration as at 1 July 2013 was approved by that regulator:

  • You remain subject to the Queensland regulator’s annual fee.  However, the fee is payable to ASQA
  • The fee is normally payable in July. ASQA will be issuing the 2013-14 invoice in August 2013, with the fee payable 30 days from the date of the invoice
  • If you wish to determine in advance the fee applicable to your organisation, please refer to ASQA’s Schedule of fees (PDF).

ASQA would like to commend the vast majority of providers who have paid their annual fees.

There are only a very small number of providers (about 40) who have not done so. ASQA has commenced procedures to suspend the registration of these providers.