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Go-live date for new asqanet

1 September 2016

Over recent months ASQA has been communicating with you about the launch of the new asqanet.

ASQA has been working to ensure the quality and reliability of the new system through rigorous testing and can now announce that the new asqanet will be released on Tuesday 27 September 2016.

How will the transition to the new asqanet affect providers and applicants?

The new asqanet is a vastly different system, developed using different technologies and new information storage solutions. A key part of transitioning to the new web portal is moving existing information into the new system. This activity takes a number of days to complete.

To prepare for the release of the new asqanet, the current ASQAnet will be taken offline from approximately 5.00 pm AEST on Friday 16 September 2016. This will enable existing information to be transferred to and verified in the new system over the weekend and into the following week. This means that ASQAnet will not be available to VET applicants during the week commencing 19 September 2016.

What will happen on the go-live date?

When the new asqanet is released, all submitted applications will be available in the system. However, any draft applications created in ASQAnet and not submitted will not be in the new system. ASQA advises that, where critical, RTOs and applicants complete and submit their VET applications before 5.00 pm AEST on Friday 16 September 2016.

It’s important to note that there will be a restriction on the number of users that can access the web portal at same time. This is to ensure performance is not affected by all ASQA RTOs and CRICOS providers registering to explore the new web portal on day one. If the maximum number of users is already on the web portal any time you attempt to register or login, you will receive a message to try again later.

As such, after the new asqanet goes live on Tuesday 27 September 2016, ASQA encourages RTOs, CRICOS providers and VET/CRICOS applicants to only access the system in those first few days if they need to update details or submit an application. After that, ASQA anticipates that the number of users logged on to the system at the same time will generally be under the maximum number of users allowed, meaning you should be free to access and explore the system at any time.

What functionality will the updated asqanet system provide?

When released, the new asqanet will provide users with the capacity to:

  • lodge online VET and CRICOS applications, including applications for reassessment and review of an ASQA decision and online payments
  • notify ASQA of material changes or events to RTOs or CRICOS providers
  • view applications submitted by all users on behalf of an RTO and CRICOS provider, and
  • review and update RTO and CRICOS provider details without submitting a form.

Another key feature of the new asqanet is the account administration services.

What will the account administration services involve?

The account administration services will enable RTOs and CRICOS providers and VET/CRICOS applicants to authorise and manage user access to their information.

Your organisation can have one or more administrators who can:

  • create new user accounts
  • grant access to your organisation’s information for other asqanet users, and
  • remove access from users once they no longer represent your organisation.

How will administrator accounts work?

In preparation for go-live, ASQA will create administrator user accounts for those people nominated as:

  • Chief Executives for RTO applicants and existing RTOs, and
  • Principal Executive Officers for applicant and registered CRICOS providers.

Those administrators can create user accounts for staff or consultants to act as agents for the organisation, or staff/consultants can create their own accounts by registering to use asqanet and requesting agent access to the organisation, which the administrator may grant. Please note, users of the current ASQAnet system who are not nominated as Chief Executives or Principal Executive Officers will need to re-register to use the new asqanet.

If your organisation is currently registered, please review your Chief Executive details on training.gov.au and Principal Executive Officer details on CRICOS before 19 September 2016 and update them where required.