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External delegation invites sent to external providers

10 November 2014

A key initiative of the ASQA VET Reform package is offering high-performing RTOs the ability to manage their own scope of registration. ASQA recently invited 555 RTOs with a strong history of compliance to apply for a delegation of regulatory responsibility. These invites are valid for 12 months from the date of offer.

Providers that have not received an invitation to apply for delegation should note that the program will be extended to other groups of RTOs using a phased approach, over a two-year period.

Delegates will be able to add new VET qualifications or units of competency to their scope of registration without having to submit an application and paying a fee to ASQA each time they make a change. RTOs invited to apply for a delegation of regulatory responsibility will need to consider the implications of the delegation on their business processes and compare the costs of managing the delegation to the benefits of amending their own scope of registration.

Providers who have responded to the delegation invite will be able to access a webcast about the delegation process in November/December this year.