Transition to replacement qualifications

Qualifications within training packages endorsed between 1 September 2015 and 31 March 2016 were given an extra 6 months beyond the regular 12 month transition period for RTOs to either complete or transfer students before the superseded training products are removed from their scopes. This allowance was for the delivery of full qualifications only, not for skill sets or individual units of competency even if the units are included in qualifications that have the extended transition period.

Replacement training products deemed equivalent to their earlier version will have already been updated automatically to each affected RTO’s scope. However, where replacement training products are deemed non-equivalent, RTOs are required to apply should they seek the replacement.

An analysis of RTO scope data indicates that a considerable number of RTOs have not yet applied to replace non-equivalent superseded qualifications which will lapse in coming months. As a courtesy, RTOs are reminded to review superseded items on their scope of registration to ensure they submit applications for replacement training products well in advance of the date the superseded training products will be removed.

Primarily but not exclusively, this advice relates to RTOs that have not yet applied to replace qualifications from the following parent training packages:

Parent Training Package Replacement Items Released Superseded Quals Removed
BSB07 Business Services         14/1/16 13/7/17
CHC08 Community Services 8/12/15 7/6/17
HLT07 Health 8/12/15 7/6/17
RII09 Resources and Infrastructure 14/12/15 13/6/17
SIR07 Retail Services 31/3/16 30/9/17
SIS10 Sport, Fitness and Recreation 3/9/15 & 7/12/15 2/3/17 & 6/6/17
SIT12 Tourism, Travel and Hospitality 3/3/16 2/9/17
TAE10 Training and Education 6/4/16 5/10/17
TLI10 Transport and Logistics 29/2/16 28/8/17

A more comprehensive list of impacted qualifications is here.

In some cases, ASQA is empowered to approve extended transition periods to training products. ASQA will only consider applications for a longer transition period where it can be demonstrated that there would be genuine disadvantage to a cohort of learners if such an extension was not approved. Evidence of support from relevant industry, government, community bodies or skills service organisations should also be included.

Where ASQA has approved an extended transition period, that arrangement will apply to all RTOs delivering the specific training product to the identified learner cohort (e.g. plumbing apprentices in a specific jurisdiction where the qualification has been superseded), regardless of who made the application.

Applications should be lodged in writing to:

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