Removing training products from scope, or from an application, during the audit process

When ASQA identifies non-compliance in relation to a particular training product during an audit, this informs ASQA’s decision about the provider’s compliance and the required next steps.

To make sure that providers are able to redress any harm to current or former students, ASQA requires providers to respond to any identified non-compliance.

ASQA has noted a recent increase in providers seeking to address non-compliance either by:

  • amending their existing scope of registration, or
  • removing scope items from registration applications while the application is in process.

In some cases, this has made it difficult for providers to adequately respond to non-compliance and to take the required remedial action to address harm caused to students.

As such, providers are no longer permitted to remove training products from initial registration, renewal of registration or change of scope applications once formal assessment of the application has commenced. ‘Formal assessment’ in most cases means that the audit process has commenced. (It is important to remember that the audit process commences well before the day of the site visit.)

The option to withdraw training products from scope while a regulatory activity is in progress will be removed from asqanet shortly.

Can I amend an application in order to remove a training product at any point?

You can amend an application for initial registration, renewal of registration, or change of scope to remove a training product before ASQA commences the formal assessment process (which may include a desk or site audit).

Can I withdraw an application in full?

You can withdraw an application in full before the formal assessment process has commenced. Once this process has commenced, you may submit a written request to withdraw the application in full to ASQA may allow the application to be withdrawn in some cases.

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