Prepare for your annual data submission requirements in 2020

Early next year, ASQA-registered RTOs will need to meet their mandatory annual data submission requirements, including:

  • submitting Total VET Activity (TVA) data, including reporting unique student identifier (USI) data
  • submitting the annual declaration on compliance.

Total VET activity data

All RTOs have an obligation to report to the VET national provider collection (that is, to complete AVETMISS reporting). TVA data is the only reliable information on delivery that exists, so is of a critical nature to our sector.

Unless an exemption applies, your RTO must report:

  • all VET student enrolment activity
  • all award issuance activity, including the USI
  • activity that attracts government funding and activity that does not attract government funding
  • activity that is conducted in Australia or overseas
  • if your RTO has not conducted any student enrolment, training delivery or award issuance activity, this must be reported as a ‘nil’ return to NCVER.

Your RTO is required to meet these data provision requirements as a condition of registration. TVA data reporting will be open from 2 January 2020 until 28 February 2020. If you require assistance submitting your TVA data, please contact NCVER at

Annual declaration on compliance

In February 2020, ASQA will send a unique link to the Chief Executive Officer of each ASQA-registered provider. The link is to their RTO’s annual declaration on compliance. The declaration must be completed by 31 March 2020.

ASQA uses the information received through annual declarations to identify systemic risks to the quality of VET delivery and to ensure it holds correct information about each RTO’s operations.

Please ensure that the listed contact for your Chief Executive Officer on is accurate. To update your listed contact, please complete a ‘minor change’ request in asqanet.

Minor change request:

  1. Log in to asqanet
  2. Either:
    • Access the Registration menu and select VET/CRICOS Applications, or
    • Select Registration: new application on your asqanet home page
    • Select Update minor details and remove scope from the VET/CRICOS applications menu
    • Follow the prompts as asqanet guides you through making the required changes.
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