Implementation of ASQA’s revised fees and charges

ASQA is simplifying its fees and charges to provide cost reductions for those providers that demonstrate high levels of compliance.

ASQA undertook a public consultation on a ‘Cost recovery implementation statement’ outlining the proposed fees and charges in August and September 2017. The consultation revealed a strong positive response from providers and stakeholders, with more than 80 percent of responses indicating support for the proposed fees and charges.

Following the consultation, ASQA reviewed the feedback and made minor adjustments to the proposed fees and charges.

ASQA’s revised fees and charges have now been approved and will commence on 6 July 2018.

What is changing?

From 6 July 2018 ASQA’s fees and charges will:

  • reduce many fees and charges from the current rates, reflecting efficiencies realised through ASQA’s upgraded business systems and improved processes
  • provide cost reductions for providers that demonstrate high levels of compliance with their regulatory obligations , including the requirements of the VET Quality Framework
  • only impose assessment fees in certain cases (for example, when a registered training organisation seeks to renew its registration, charges for the additional cost of assessment will only be imposed on those providers that require an audit)
  • align with ASQA’s risk-based approach to regulation, so that providers that require a greater level of regulatory attention and oversight are more likely to pay higher costs for their regulation.

How can I find out more?

ASQA has published a range of resources explaining how these fees and charges will affect your RTO.

—or view the online version of the guide

The guide provides a full list of all RTO registration, CRICOS registration, course accreditation, audit, and annual registration fees and charges.


The CRIS explains how ASQA implements cost recovery for regulation of the vocational education and training (VET) sector. This document sets out how each of ASQA’s fees and charges is determined.

Additional resources

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