Reassessment of an ASQA decision

ASQA makes decisions about RTO registration. Certain decisions we make are eligible for reassessment.

What is reassessment?

Reassessment is an opportunity to demonstrate that the issues which led to ASQA making a decision have been remedied, and is available for certain decisions made about RTO registration. An application for reassessment can be made any time after you have been notified of the decision.

Can all ASQA decisions be reassessed?

Reassessment is only available for decisions made about RTOs, not those made about CRICOS registration or course accreditation.

You may seek reassessment of decisions that:

  • impose a condition on your registration
  • reject an application to change the scope of your registration
  • suspend all or part of your registration.

When ASQA makes a decision, we issue a decision letter which explains the review and/or reassessment options which apply to that decision.

Your decision letter will explain which options apply to your situation. If you are still unclear as to your options please contact the ASQA Info Line on 1300 701 or at You can also seek your own legal advice.

How will ASQA reassess the decision?

ASQA’s Regulatory Operations team will consider the evidence you provide in your reassessment application, to determine if you have sufficiently addressed the reasons which led to the decision. If reassessment shows that the issues have been addressed, ASQA may:

  • agree to vary or remove a condition of registration
  • change your scope of registration
  • lift a suspension.

How do I apply for reassessment?

The reassessment application is available through asqanet. You should lodge an application only after you believe that you have sufficiently addressed all the matters that led to ASQA making the decision.

Is there a time limit to apply?

Reassessment applications can be made any time from the date you are notified of the decision.

Is there a fee?

The fee payable for an application for reassessment of a decision is identified in ASQA’s fees and charges schedule.

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