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CRICOS change registration fees

How are fees for changes to my CRICOS registration calculated?

Fees for changing your CRICOS registration are:

  1. Additional non-equivalent training package qualifications—$1400 for the first qualification, plus $150 for each additional qualification
  2. Add student capacity and/or one delivery site—$1640 per application, plus $820 for each additional delivery location.

In addition, separate fees apply if you are a registered training organisation (RTO) and you are applying to add items to your scope of RTO registration.

There is no charge for making the following changes to scope:

  • adding equivalent training package qualifications
  • changing the duration of a course
  • changing mode of delivery
  • changing student tuition fees
  • removing courses, or
  • removing delivery locations.

Is there a fee reduction to add the same items to my RTO scope of registration?

If you are seeking to add the same items to both your registration as a CRICOS provider and as an RTO you must submit two applications—to add the items to your RTO registration and to your CRICOS registration.

Application fees apply to both of these applications; however, the Guide to ASQA’s fees and annual registration charges allows ASQA to offer an exemption from the lower of the two application fees when the two applications are submitted simultaneously.

In practice, this means that you should submit your ‘Application to change scope of RTO registration’ using asqanet. Your ‘Application to change CRICOS registration’ should be submitted to ASQA (using asqanet) within one business day of the RTO application being submitted. (This allows ASQA to process the applications concurrently, and reduces the cost of processing the applications.)

ASQA does not require you to wait for the RTO application to be approved before submitting the CRICOS application. Providers who do so are not eligible for the fee exemption.

How do I pay these fees?

  • You can pay the fees by Visa, MasterCard or cheque at time of submitting your application, according to the instructions in the form.
  • Alternatively, when submitting your application, you may request an invoice from ASQA and make payment by electronic funds transfer (EFT). 
  • Please note that BPAY® is not currently available for the payment of fees relating to CRICOS registration.
  • If you do not pay the required fee in full when submitting your application—or, if you request an invoice, within 30 days of the invoice’s issue date—ASQA will not assess your application.
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