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Assessment—changes to CRICOS registration

When applying to make changes to your CRICOS registration, you must be able to demonstrate that your organisation has the required resources, facilities, staff and equipment to meet the requirements of the relevant quality framework for the new or changed courses.

For any new courses specified in the application, the provider must meet the requirements under the National Code and those under the relevant quality framework. For vocational education and training (VET) courses, this is the VET Quality framework and for English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students (ELICOS) courses, this is the ELICOS National Standards.

ASQA will assess your application and evidence against the Risk Assessment Framework and the ESOS framework and, if relevant, the ELICOS National Standards.

If ASQA approves your application, you will receive notification and the necessary changes will be made to the Provider Registration and International Students Management System (PRISMS), and reflected on CRICOS. On average, applications that are approved without audit take approximately two months to pass through the assessment process.

Applications that require an audit

ASQA conducts an audit if the risk assessment indicates that an audit should be conducted.

The auditor (or audit team) will examine your compliance with the National Code and, where relevant, the ELICOS National Standards.

On average, an application to change scope of CRICOS registration that requires an audit will take approximately six months to pass through all stages in the assessment process.

The auditor may consider:

  • the appropriateness of the support services available to students (to ease the transition into life and study in Australia and to assist them as needed), and
  • whether you have adequate facilities and resources to support a new delivery location, the addition of a new course or an increase to capacity.

If non-compliance is found at audit

If your organisation does not comply, you have 20 working days to provide additional or amended evidence to demonstrate full compliance. You have one opportunity to provide new evidence. ASQA analyses this additional evidence before it approves or rejects the application.

This process may also result in your organisation being approved for registration for some training products in your application, but rejected for others. ASQA may also grant approval with specific conditions applied to the registration.

For more information, refer to the fact sheet—ASQA audits.

Other changes to registration

To notify ASQA of material changes to your operations and/or legal status, including changes to ownership, refer to Update your details.

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