Resumption planning: continuing delivery in a changed world

In recent months, providers have adapted how they deliver VET and ELICOS courses due to the COVID-19 pandemic. These changes may have resulted in adjustments to delivery modes, resequencing of training provided, delivering different units of competency, or resulted in changes to staff and resourcing levels. Providers may also have identified new opportunities based on current industry needs.

While some of these adaptations may be temporary, innovative changes have brought about new ways of operating on an ongoing basis while maintaining quality and achieving positive student outcomes. We encourage providers to reflect on their current and future delivery requirements and consider how any adapted practices used during the pandemic may be utilised going forward.

It remains important for a provider to continuously review how its operations have changed to ensure information is accurate. It is also important to use these review opportunities to evaluate the quality of training and assessment provided. In particular, where operations have changed, seek critical feedback from key stakeholders to understand how you (as a provider) are performing and to continue to improve training and assessment practices.

We have created the following resources to help providers find the information they need as they adapt to changes resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic—particularly where providers may have ceased training at some or all locations for a period of time.

Registration hold

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If you informed ASQA that your registration was on hold (in hibernation), you must give us 21 days’ notice of the date the operations are to be resumed.

Contact to advise of your resumption of operations. It is important to consider all aspects of your operations on resumption and whether there are any other material changes or events you need to advise us of.

A provider that is, and remains, in hibernation:

must update their website to reflect this status

cannot accept any enrolments and/or fees from students

will not deliver any training and assessment

must ensure that all records are up to date in particular in relation to student records and ensuring all relevant certification such as qualifications and statements of attainment have been issued

can transfer students to another RTO, on request of the student.
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