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Impacts of COVID-19 on industry and the training system

The AISC and ASQA are collecting information on known and emerging issues and concerns that are affecting the VET sector as a result of COVID-19 through the feedback forms below.

Information provided will inform decision-making in relation to workforce skilling, amendments required to national training products to meet emerging workforce requirements, advice on safeguards for training delivery and other solutions to support for the VET sector during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Issues may be in relation to immediate skill needs and/or impacts for training delivery, as well as issues/impacts that are likely to be felt over the medium to longer term as a result of COVID-19.

Identification of opportunities for displaced workers and businesses

The AISC Emergency Response Sub-Committee (ERSC) is calling for industry stakeholders to identify opportunities for the national training system to support displaced workers and to meet the skill needs of businesses impacted by the changing economic environment.

AISC is seeking advice from Industry Reference Committees (IRCs) and other stakeholders to identify critical skills needed by workers and businesses as they respond to the economic impact of COVID-19, and examples of VET training products that could help to provide these critical skills rapidly.

The IRC Network should be your first point of contact, however, issues or suggestions can be raised directly with the AISC ERSC by completing a short form on their website.

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ASQA COVID-19 Feedback

Please complete this form to provide advice on training delivery or other RTO-related issues or concerns. This advice will be directed to ASQA.
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AISC COVID-19 Feedback

Please complete this form to provide advice on workforce skilling or training product-related issues or concerns. This advice will be directed to the AISC.

We may need to contact you to clarify issues that you have raised, so please ensure you provide an email address for this purpose.

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