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Stage 4—Decision

ASQA will write to you and notify you of the outcome of your application for renewal, usually within five working days of the decision.

If renewal of accreditation application is granted ASQA will notify you of:

  • course owner identifier
  • the accreditation period (up to five years)
  • any conditions imposed on your accreditation
  • your obligations to manage and monitor the course during the new accreditation period.

If renewal of accreditation is granted ASQA will enter the following information on the national register:

  • course code and course title
  • course owner and course contact details
  • course description
  • unit code and unit title
  • completion mapping (link units to course)
  • mapping to previous version of course

Renewing the accreditation of a course does not provide approval to deliver the accredited course. Any RTO wishing to deliver an accredited course must apply to add the course to its scope of registration. The registration process cannot commence until the outcome of the renewal of accreditation application has been decided.

If renewal of accreditation application is rejected, ASQA will advise you of:

  • the reasons for the rejection
  • options for review of the decision.

If you are not satisfied with the ASQA’s decision, you may choose to request reassessment or review of the decision.