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Amend a VET accredited course

During your course’s accreditation period, you may identify the need to amend the course.

Amendments to VET accredited courses must be submitted to ASQA using the Application to amend accredited course (PDF).

The application must be supported with evidence that confirms that the course will remain relevant and continue to comply with the Standards for VET Accredited Courses 2012 and the Australian Qualifications Framework.

If ASQA approves amendments to the course, you are responsible for providing advice about the amendments to the individuals or organisations that hold permission to use the course.

What is a significant change to a course?

If the proposed course amendments significantly alter the course outcomes, ASQA may determine that you need to submit an application to accredit a new course.

Please contact the Course Accreditation team at accreditation [at] asqa.gov.au for information on how ASQA determines the significance of amendments to accredited courses.

Is there a fee?

The fee for the amendment of an accredited course is $2290 per course.

A full list of fees is available in the Guide to ASQA’s fees and annual registration charges (PDF).

Can ASQA initiate a course amendment?

In certain circumstances ASQA may initiate the amendment of a course. ASQA will notify you if it initiates an amendment to your course.

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