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What will ASQA do with my complaint?

Each complaint or report we receive is recorded, reviewed and acknowledged. A formal acknowledgment is issued at the time ASQA receives the information.

Where a complaint or an element of a complaint is identified as being the responsibility of an alternate agency, ASQA will inform you of the name and contact information of that agency.


Students seeking a refund from their provider. Contractual disputes with providers over fees and refunds are the responsibility of consumer protection agencies.

However, you can submit a complaint through our online complaints portal to tell us why you are seeking a refund.

It is important to understand that ASQA’s role is to regulate providers – we use the information we receive to help protect the quality of the VET and ELICOS sectors. A report from the community may be the missing puzzle piece, which leads us to take action.

ASQA does not act on individual complaints. Instead, we look at a provider’s pattern of behaviour and use this information to inform our decisions on when and if further regulatory scrutiny of a provider is required. Your complaint will be assessed to take into account a range of circumstances beyond the individual complaint. ASQA does not provide you with an outcome and you will only contacted if further information is required.

When you submit a complaint to ASQA, we will usually notify the provider that a complaint has been received, outlining the concerns raised, but will not disclose your personal information to the provider.

ASQA will only use and disclose personal information for the primary purpose for which it was collected, unless it is required to be released by legislation, or a Court or Tribunal.

Further information on how ASQA handles personal details is outlined on the ASQA website, and outlined in the Privacy Policy.