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What happens when I make a complaint to ASQA?

How we will contact you

If you lodge a complaint, ASQA will formally respond to you:

  • acknowledging receipt of the complaint (within five working days)
  • advising whether or not any action will be taken, and
  • if so, notifying of the action taken and the outcome of that action.

ASQA may contact you to seek further information.

We aim to complete our review of all complaints within four months of submission; however, in cases where a complaint triggers a compliance or audit or investigation, this may take longer.

If we recommend you contact another organisation

If we are not the most appropriate organisation to deal with your complaint, we will recommend that you contact the appropriate organisation.

If we accept your complaint

If your complaint is about an issue that ASQA regulates, we will decide what action to take.

ASQA takes a risk-based approach to complaints about training providers and this means the action we take will vary depending on the seriousness and potential impact of the complaint.

In almost all cases, we will notify the training provider of the complaint. The training provider will have the opportunity to respond to the allegations.

In some cases, ASQA may decide not to take action.

Action may include:

  • Writing to the provider to remind them of their obligations.
  • Looking at a provider’s practices to see if they are meeting their obligations. If they are not, we may:
    • require the provider to correct its practices to protect future students
    • require the provider to take action in relation to past or current students to rectify the impact non-compliant practices may have caused
    • suspend, cancel or place conditions on that training provider's registration.

What we cannot do:

  • ASQA cannot act as a student advocate.
  • Act to resolve a dispute with your training provider—ASQA will use the information from complaints to inform ongoing monitoring of training providers, but may decide to take no immediate action in relation to your complaint.

If you want to make a complaint