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Before you make a complaint

Before you can submit a complaint to ASQA about a training provider, you will need to:

  • complete your provider's formal complaints process, and
  • confirm that ASQA can consider all or part of your complaint. 

Submit a formal complaint to your training provider

If you have a problem with your training provider, you must seek to resolve this problem by following your provider's formal internal complaints process.

  • Your training provider is required to have a complaints and appeals process in place. This process should ensure that your complaint is addressed effectively and efficiently.
  • ASQA will only consider your complaint if you include evidence that you have already exhausted your provider's complaints and appeals process. (In exceptional circumstances, ASQA may consider your complaint without this evidence. Contact us on 1300 701 801 for more information.)

If you are unable to find information about how to complain to your training provider, you can submit a formal complaint by writing to the provider's chief executive officer (CEO):

  • Find contact details for the CEO of your training provider on training.gov.au
  • Submit your complaint to the CEO in writing by letter or email. Make sure you save a copy of the complaint.
  • Give the CEO a reasonable amount of time—at least two weeks—to receive, assess and respond to your complaint.
  • Save any responses that you receive from your training provider.

Find out which agency can consider your complaint

Which complaints can ASQA address?

ASQA can investigate complaints about:

  • ASQA-regulated providers that may have breached the required standards, and
  • the marketing/advertising practices of organisations claiming to be registered training organisations or to offer nationally recognised training. 

Which complaints can ASQA not address?

ASQA's legislation allows us to investigate certain types of complaints about ASQA-regulated providers, where those providers breach the required standards and other legal requirements.

However, you may have a valid or serious complaint about a training provider which does not involve the provider breaching ASQA's standards and legal requirementsIn this case, ASQA may consider the information you have reported, and refer all or part of your complaint to another agency. ASQA may also recommend that you directly contact another agency, or seek legal advice.

If your complaint does not fall within ASQA's jurisdiction, it may be resolved more quickly if you directly contact the relevant agency. 

Examples of complaints that will be addressed by other agencies include:

Type of complaint Relevant agency More information
If you are seeking a refund from your training provider:

You will be advised to contact the consumer protection agency in your state or territory.

ASQA cannot act on behalf of consumers to resolve disputes with providers over fees and refunds. If you have a contractual dispute with your provider and are seeking a refund, contact the consumer protection agency in your state or territory.

If you are seeking a refund because of the quality of training and assessment, you can lodge this part of your complaint with ASQA.

If you are an apprentice or trainee and you have an issue with your training contract:

If you have concerns with your training contract:

If you are an apprentice or trainee, ASQA cannot advise on any matters relating to your training contract.

ASQA can consider complaints about the training and assessment provided by your registered training organisation.

If you wish to report fraud against the visa system in relation to a student: Your complaint will be referred to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection.  
If you want to report criminal activity such as theft or assault: You can report your complaint to the police in your state or territory.  
If you want to make a complaint about an organisation offering training that is not a registered training organisation (RTO) or not offering nationally recognised training: You can contact a consumer protection organisation, or seek legal advice. Unless the complaint relates to marketing and advertising that states or implies the organisation is an RTO or is offering nationally recognised training, ASQA has no jurisdiction in relation to other organisations offering training.
If you want to make a complaint about an RTO not registered with ASQA:

Submit complaints about registered training organisations:

If your complaint is about discrimination on the grounds of sex, disability, race or age: You can report your complaint to the Australian Human Rights Commission.  
If your complaint is about other discrimination: You may wish to find a legal representative to assist you with your dispute.