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After you submit a complaint

ASQA will send you an automatic written acknowledgment that it has received your complaint, and may also contact you to request more information or evidence.

ASQA will conduct an initial assessment to determine whether or not to accept your complaint. At this stage, ASQA may: 

  • decide not to accept your complaint, or
  • refer you to another agency for the investigation of all or part of your complaint.

What will ASQA do with the information you provide?

If ASQA accepts your complaint, the Complaints Team will review the information you have provided and conduct a risk assessment. 

What is risk assessment?

ASQA takes a risk assessment approach to all aspects of its regulation, including the regulation of complaints. ASQA's resources are focused on the most serious complaints. This means that regulatory action is targeted at poor performers, and those providers which pose the greatest risk to the quality of Australia's vocational education and training (VET) sector.

Following the risk assessment, ASQA makes a decision about what to do with the information you have provided. ASQA may:

  • use the information provided in the complaint to inform future regulatory activity
  • contact the provider to request a specific action, and/or
  • undertake a formal investigation.

The outcomes of a complaints investigation can include:

  • a compliance audit of a provider's registration, which may lead to
  • a decision to suspend, cancel or place conditions on a provider's registration.

If ASQA makes a decision to suspend, cancel or place conditions on a provider's registration, this information is published on the regulatory decision register.

  • For more information on how ASQA handles complaints, refer to ASQA's internal Complaints policy

Will ASQA advise you on the progress or outcome of the investigation?

ASQA respects both privacy and natural justice considerations in handling complaints. This means that complainants will be advised how their information was used in the regulatory process although in some instances the advice will not be detailed and the process can be lengthy if audit activity is involved.

ASQA publishes information when it undertakes certain regulatory action against providers in the regulatory decision register.

The register includes information on:

  • providers whose registration has been cancelled or suspended
  • providers that have had conditions placed on their registration.

This information is only published after all reconsideration or appeal processes are complete.