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Make a complaint—domestic students

As the national regulator of Australian vocational education and training (VET) providers, ASQA uses information received through student complaints to ensure that those providers are delivering quality training and assessment services. 

This section will help you understand:

  • How to resolve a problem with your training provider, and
  • What you can expect if you submit a complaint to ASQA. 

If you are an overseas student studying in Australia on a student visa, please read the information on making a complaint for overseas students

Important information about ASQA's complaints-handling role:

Before you submit a complaint to ASQA, please be aware that:

  • ASQA takes a risk-assessment approach to complaints—our resources are limited so must focus on the most serious complaints.
  • ASQA's role is not to act as a student advocate for individual students. Rather, ASQA uses the information reported through complaints to inform how it regulates training providers.
  • ASQA has specific confidentiality obligations in relation to registered providers. ASQA respects both privacy and natural justice considerations in handling complaints. This means that complainants will be advised how their information was used in the regulatory process although in some instances the advice will not be detailed and the process can be lengthy if audit activity is involved.
  • Read ASQA's Privacy Policy.