Strategic initiatives

Trainer and assessor capability

The expertise of the trainers and assessors delivering national recognised VET qualifications is a fundamental component in ensuring quality outcomes for the millions of Australian and overseas students participating in VET every year.

Stakeholders have raised concerns with ASQA that the quality of training and assessment in the VET sector is inconsistent, and that trainer and assessor capability is a contributing factor. These concerns include whether providers engage sufficiently qualified trainers with relevant trade qualifications and industry experience.

Consistent with our role as the national VET regulator, since 2016–17 ASQA has undertaken a range of actions to support improved trainer and assessor capability.

Scrutiny of providers applying to or delivering TAE products

We have monitored and conducted targeted audits of providers delivering qualifications from the Training and Education Training Package, and in particular TAE40116, to help ensure that they:

  • provide an adequate amount of training
  • develop appropriate and compliant training and assessment strategies
  • develop appropriate and compliant assessment tools and materials
  • demonstrate how validation has contributed to training and assessment.

Education and guidance

We have worked to help ensure providers, and trainers and assessors, understand their compliance obligations, through:

  • information sessions addressing the delivery of training and assessment
  • working with trainer and assessor professional development organisations and VET sector peak bodies to encourage professional development for trainers and assessors
  • developing guidance on third-party arrangements, including fact sheets.

ASQA will continue to provide education and guidance to support quality training and assessment practice and to scrutinise providers who apply to or are delivering TAE training products.

Over 2020–22, ASQA will work with DESE and other key stakeholders to identify any additional actions that will support improved trainer and assessor capability, and the organisations best placed to take them forward.

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