Standards of concern

ASQA identifies the clauses in the Standards for Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) 2015 which are of most concern (i.e. the clauses where providers are most likely to be at risk of non-compliance) by analysing both non-compliance:

  • identified through reports about providers
  • found at audit.

In 2020, ASQA identified the following clauses of concern:

1.8 implement effective assessment systems
1.1 have appropriate training and assessment strategies and practices, including amount of training
1.3 have the resources to provide quality training and assessment, including sufficient trainers and assessors, learning resources, support services, equipment and facilities
3.1 AQF certification is issued only where the learner has been assessed as meeting training product requirements
1.2 appropriate amount of training is provided, taking account of the skills, knowledge and experience of the learner and mode of delivery.

ASQA uses information about the clauses where there is the highest risk of non-compliance to:

  • assess the risk associated with individual providers
  • prioritise the direction of our regulatory activities
  • contribute to the information we share with providers to support continuous improvement in training.
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