Engaging with the VET sector

Education and engagement are essential components of effective regulation. Reflecting this, and in line with the direction of Skills Ministers, ASQA has renewed our emphasis on engagement with, and education of, sector stakeholders.

Over the coming year, we will continue to provide guidance on the priority areas identified in this regulatory strategy and will share with the sector when we identify a risk to delivering quality training outcomes. We will also continue to inform the sector about changes resulting from ASQA’s reform and the broader VET regulatory reforms.

By working together with the sector and listening to and understanding the most relevant issues, we will be able to support providers to deliver quality training and assessment. To achieve this, we will continue to evolve the way we engage with stakeholders.

Our shift to a more consultative approach will inform us of the issues facing the sector and help to shape the guidance and regulatory tools to promote and support continuous improvement.

We will do this through the newly-established SLG, whose memberships represents the diversity of providers with differing modes of delivery, scale, locations, diversity of student populations and provider performance.

We are also strengthening the way we work with providers by opening up opportunities for the regulated community to contribute to the enhancement of regulatory tools and the guidance and education we publish. Over the coming year, providers will have the opportunity to provide feedback on:

  • developing a shared understanding of self-assurance
  • improvements to the Annual Declaration of Compliance
  • approaches to remediation.

Our collaborative approach with providers complements our engagement with a broad range of stakeholders, including peak bodies, states and territories, industry and other government organisations. Through this engagement, ASQA will continue to provide advice on strategies to support providers in the VET and international education sectors.

We have already enhanced our education program to include regular interactive webinars, video discussions with sector participants and targeted guidance materials. To keep providers informed about our regulatory activities, and build understanding and capability across the sector, we will continue to share information in these formats as well as through:

  • an annual series of provider briefings
  • guidance information published on our website in response to key risks identified by providers
  • our monthly ASQA Update newsletter, with summaries of the latest activities impacting the sector
  • our Info Line enquiries service, able to supply information and advice via telephone and email
  • direct electronic emails to providers, as needed, to circulate important information.

As we continue working with the sector, we will listen to what providers need and continue to enhance the ways we engage and communicate about emerging risks.

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