ASQA’s regulatory approach

Risk-based regulation

We apply our understanding of both systemic and provider risks to regulate.
We identify the risks to the delivery of quality Australian VET and take regulatory action to address the most serious risks. We support quality as part of our risk-based regulation. We apply proportionate compliance and enforcement actions as part of our risk-based regulation.

Engagement and support

We support quality and compliance through engagement and support.
We engage with stakeholders to inform our understanding of risks. We provide accurate information to support stakeholders’ understanding of VET sector compliance. We provide advice on strategies to improve VET regulation and the VET sector.

ASQA acknowledges that Government cannot regulate to remove all risks or factors contributing to non-compliance with provider responsibilities.

Our regulatory strategy takes a risk-based approach as required by the Standards for VET Regulators 2015. We use data and intelligence to identify the risks to the delivery and quality of Australian VET and take regulatory action to address the most serious risks.

We seek to understand and respond to risk at two levels:

  • provider risk
  • systemic risk.

Determining systemic risk priorities

ASQA uses a range of indicators and intelligence to identify the greatest risks to Australia’s VET sector each year from the following sources:

  • Australian Government priorities
  • outcomes from consultation with key stakeholders and providers
  • media monitoring and analysis of VET sector research
  • VET data analysis, including ASQA’s internal regulatory data.

Addressing systemic risk priorities

ASQA seeks to address sector risk priorities through two kinds of work:

  1. Focus areas.
  2. Strategic initiatives.

Focus areas focus on those sector concerns that present the most significant risk to the quality of VET outcomes.

Strategic initiatives support ASQA’s focus on sector risk by continuing work from previous strategic reviews, and/or supporting continuous improvement of ASQA’s regulatory approach.

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