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ASQA decisions—table

Provider number Legal name Trading name Managerial agent Decision type Date of decisionsort ascending Effective date Status of decision Status of review
[+] 4959 Chief Executive - Mr Derrick Casey; Director - Andre Jean Cointreau; Director - Jennifer Kay... Part renewal rejection 18/04/2019 Reconsideration finalised – decision revoked No review available
[+] 31645 Canterbury Technical Institute Pty Ltd Chief Executive - Mr Shailendra (Nick) Kumar; Director - Shailendra Kamal Kumar Part renewal rejection 17/04/2019 Decision stayed subject to conditions by order of the AAT while under review AAT review ongoing
[+] 31736 Queensford College, Q Learning Chief Executive - Mr Bikash Bhandari; Director - Bikash Bhandari; Director - Badri Powdel Jaishi;... Part renewal rejection 29/03/2019 Reconsideration finalised – decision affirmed AAT review ongoing
[+] 52395 TAFE International Western Australia Chief Executive - Ms Anne Driscoll Part renewal rejection 31/01/2019 Reconsideration finalised – decision revoked No review available
[+] 4742 Tiwi Islands Training and Employment Board Chief Executive - Ms. Maria Harvey Part renewal rejection 14/12/2018 Decision delayed while ASQA reviews decision Reconsideration review ongoing
[+] 4430 D.O.M.E. Association Inc Chief Executive - Mr Greg Goudie Part renewal rejection 04/07/2018 28/11/2018 Settled pursuant to terms of agreement at AAT No review available
[+] 0647 Construction Industry Training Centre Incorporated Chief Executive - Mr David William Fitzgerald Part renewal rejection 13/04/2018 Reconsideration finalised – decision revoked No review available
[+] 90449 The Robinson College The Robinson College Ms Ann-Marie Rogers - Chief Executive Part renewal rejection 19/08/2016 23/09/2016 In effect
[+] 32326 RII Skills Centre Mr Gary Wilson - Owner and high managerial agent; Mr Peter Graham - Owner and executive officer Part renewal rejection 21/07/2016 Reconsideration finalised – decision revoked No review available
[+] 31178 Queensland Training Services Pty Ltd O'DONOGHUE, BENJAMIN JOHN - CEO and Director; O'DONOGHUE, JOHN FREDERICK LAURENCE -... Part renewal rejection 01/07/2015
[+] 30155 TRIPLE A TRAINING Mr Tiga Bayles - CEO and Director Part renewal rejection 22/05/2015
[+] 31740 Corrindale Training Mr David Corry - CEO Part renewal rejection 17/09/2014
[+] 31897 INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT; American College Dr Bernard Malik - CEO Part renewal rejection 10/09/2014 06/11/2014
[+] 31766 King's Institute of Management and Technology Pty Ltd Baltej Singh - CEO/ Director; Satinder Dhaliwal - Director; Narinder Pal Singh Gill - Director;... Part renewal rejection 09/05/2014 12/06/2014
[+] 31714 Training Connections Australia CEO: Joe Harrold; Directors: CHRISTOPHER PATRICK O'BRIEN, NICOLE ELISE OKE, GARY LARNOCH... Part renewal rejection 21/02/2014 16/04/2014