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ASQA values feedback, as it helps the Authority to evaluate the effectiveness of its regulatory approach and address the relevant concerns of providers and stakeholders. As part of ASQA’s commitment to providing agile, responsive and risk-based regulation, ASQA conducts three types of surveys each year—a quarterly audit survey, an annual accreditation survey, and a provider and stakeholder survey.

Audit survey

Four times a year, ASQA invites those providers who have had a site audit finalised in the most recent quarter to participate in a survey about the audit process. When asked about the site visits, 98% or more of the respondents in the most recent survey satisfactorily reported that their organisation had the opportunity to provide information about its operations and the auditor outlined the main observations and audit findings.

ASQA requests providers’ feedback on five areas of the audit process to continuously improve the consistency of its audit processes. These areas are:

  1. Communication prior to the site visit
  2. The site visit
  3. Audit team competencies
  4. The audit report
  5. Transparency of the audit process

Provider and stakeholder survey

Each year, ASQA conducts an annual survey to assess its performance against the key performance indicators (KPIs) set out in its Portfolio Budget Statement and its strategic and operational plans, to assess provider and stakeholder perception of the effectiveness of ASQA’s regulatory approach.

Read more about the findings from the 2018 survey in the ASQA Annual Report 2017-18.