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Service Standards

ASQA seeks to ensure that in all operations it is efficient, effective and accountable. Details of ASQA’s planned performance and measurement framework are set out in the ASQA Corporate Plan 2019-20.

The ASQA performance framework includes our performance criteria and their related measures and service standards. ASQA reports on our performance, including against these standards in the annual report.

ASQA Service Standards



  • Initial registration applications finalised within 130 working days (six months).
  • Renewal of registration applications finalised prior to expiry date.
  • Change of scope applications finalised within 130 working days (six months).

Applications—course accreditation

  • Course accreditation applications finalised within 130 working days (six months).
  • Course amendment applications finalised within 20 working days.


  • Audit reports provided within 20 working days of last day of audit.
  • When we have accepted additional evidence from a provider after an audit, we will provide the decision within 30 working days.
  • Reconsideration applications finalised within 65 working days (three months).


  • Complaints about training providers are finalised/referred for regulatory activity within 85 working days (four months).


  • Simple procedural email queries responded to within two working days.
  • Complex telephone queries escalated within two working days (with likely resolution time, if applicable).
  • Complex email queries responded to within 10 working days.

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