In line with the Australian Government’s commitment to reducing the regulatory burden on business, in 2014 ASQA began rolling out a package of regulatory reform initiatives which included:

  • enhanced information and guidance for training providers to assist them in complying with the required national standards
  • reduced regulatory scrutiny on providers with a track record of compliance, and
  • a sharper regulatory focus on providers who remain seriously non-compliant with the required standards.

As part of this reform package, ASQA provided high-performing RTOs with the ability to manage their own scope of registration. This means that these are RTOs are able to add new training products to their registration without applying to ASQA and paying an application fee.

ASQA support for delegates

ASQA will work with delegates to ensure they have the information and support that they need to manage their own scope of registration.

During the implementation period, ASQA is running information sessions and webinars to answer questions and hear feedback from delegates. ASQA has also created a delegations information line, 1300 404 504, to provide advice and assistance to delegates.

Accepting a delegation is a decision for each RTO to make after considering the associated business and compliance implications. An ASQA delegation may not be suitable for all RTOs and therefore the list of ASQA delegates should not be considered a comprehensive indicator of the best RTOs in the VET sector. Additionally  the granting of a delegation by ASQA does not indicate or imply that the listed RTOs are of a higher standard or of a lower risk than other RTOs.

Implementing the delegations policy

ASQA is implementing this initiative in three stages. Stages one and two are now complete.

Stage 1 (October 2014)

RTOs met the following criteria to be eligible for a delegation of regulatory responsibility:

  • the RTO had been registered for at least five years
  • the RTO had been renewed by ASQA without audit, or have been renewed with no non-compliances identified at audit, and
  • there were no outstanding regulatory concerns or regulatory actions being taken against the RTO.

Stage 2 (July 2015)

Some RTOs who had been registered for at least five years were invited to fast-track their opportunity to demonstrate eligibility for a delegation of regulatory responsibility, via a limited compliance audit focused on Standards One, Two, Four and Five. RTOs that demonstrated full compliance with these standards and who met the other eligibility requirements were invited to apply for a delegation.

Stage 3 (May 2016)

ASQA will review RTOs that have previously been ineligible for an ASQA delegation—due to non-compliance identified at a renewal audit and later rectified.

This comprehensive review will be conducted in accordance with ASQA’s updated risk model, which will consider a broad range of factors including the RTO’s compliance history, governance, website and marketing information.

Consideration will be given to enrolment numbers and RTO size to ensure that larger providers with a positive compliance posture are not disadvantaged.

Following these reviews:

  • RTOs that are considered suitable will be invited to accept an ASQA delegation.
  • In addition, some RTOs will be determined as ‘provisionally eligible’—if they wish to pursue a delegation, these RTOs will be required to undergo a further assessment of their eligibility through a limited compliance audit—at their own expense—focused on Standards One, Two, Four and Five. Following the limited compliance audit, the RTOs may be invited to accept and ASQA delegation.
  • RTOs that are not considered suitable will not be invited to accept an ASQA delegation; these RTOs will be assessed again when their registration is due for renewal.

Eligibility for a delegation with ASQA

Following completion of the implementation stage in mid-2016, ASQA will implement an ongoing policy for determining which RTOs are eligible for a delegation.

From late 2016, ASQA will assess the suitability of each RTO for a delegation at the completion of that RTO’s renewal of registration application process. The comprehensive review will be conducted in accordance with ASQA’s risk model and will consider a broad range of factors including the RTO’s compliance history, governance, website and marketing information. Consideration will be given to enrolment numbers and RTO size to ensure that larger providers with a positive compliance posture are not disadvantaged.

At the conclusion of this review, the RTO will be either:

  • Eligible for a delegation based on the fact that their renewal of registration application was approved at the risk assessment stage or at audit with either no or minor noncompliance identified.  ASQA will also have identified no other regulatory concerns regarding these RTOs through a comprehensive due diligence check.
  • Provisionally eligible. RTOs whose renewal of registration application was approved at audit after rectifying multiple areas of noncompliance will be invited to express their interest in becoming an ASQA delegate. These RTOs will be required to undergo a limited compliance audit – at their own expense – focused on Standards One, Two, Four and Five. ASQA will also have identified no other regulatory concerns regarding these RTOs through a comprehensive due diligence check.
  • Not eligible. RTOs who have had significant noncompliance identified at audit or who ASQA harbours regulatory concern about will not be eligible for a delegation. These RTOs will need to demonstrate a positive compliance posture through consistent compliance with the Standards and will be reconsidered at their next renewal of registration.

Process for delegating regulatory responsibility

If ASQA finds your organisation eligible for a delegation of responsibility, you will receive an invitation to apply via email.

Organisations that decide to accept the invitation will receive a Delegation Agreement which sets out the required conditions associated with being an ASQA Delegate. These requirements include:

  • agreeing to provide data to ASQA when exercising the delegation so that your RTO’s scope of registration can be amended on
  • having a documented quality assurance system in place to manage VET regulatory functions and operations
  • agreeing to be audited—at your own cost—by an ASQA-approved external panel auditor if and when this is required by ASQA (the audit will be conducted against the requirements set out in the Delegations Agreement)
  • remaining compliant with the national VET Quality Framework throughout the period of the Delegations Agreement, and
  • nominating a representative of the RTO as the delegate contact.

You will need to consider the implications of the delegation on your RTO’s business processes and compare the costs to the benefits of accepting the responsibility of amending your own scope of registration prior to signing and returning the Delegation Agreement.

Once you have signed and returned the Delegation Agreement, ASQA will issue a Delegation Instrument which formally grants the RTO the regulatory power to amend their own scope of registration.

Change of Ownership to an RTO with a Delegation

A change of ownership to an RTO with a Delegation requires the RTO to notify ASQA of the change via the submission of a Notification of Material Change or Event (via asqanet). ASQA reserves the right to revoke a delegation if it has concerns over the new owners of the RTO.

All Delegates that change ownership will be required to undergo a delegation audit (at their expense) 12 months after the change of ownership has occurred to ensure the quality management system requirements are being met.

RTO IDRTO Legal nameDelegation Start DateDelegation End
4687Box Hill Institute01/07/1430/06/19
0101Canberra Institute of Technology01/07/1430/06/19
40939Central Queensland University01/07/1430/06/19
0260Chisholm Institute01/07/1430/06/19
0416Holmesglen Institute01/07/1430/06/19
3059Swinburne University of Technology01/07/1430/06/19
90002TAFE NSW - Hunter Institute01/07/1430/06/19
90006TAFE NSW - Illawarra Institute01/07/1430/06/19
90001TAFE NSW - New England Institute01/07/1430/06/19
90010TAFE NSW - North Coast Institute01/07/1430/06/19
90011TAFE NSW - Northern Sydney Institute01/07/1430/06/19
90004TAFE NSW - Open Training & Education Network01/07/1430/06/19
90005TAFE NSW - Riverina Institute01/07/1430/06/19
90008TAFE NSW - South Western Sydney Institute01/07/1430/06/19
90003TAFE NSW - Sydney Institute01/07/1430/06/19
91430TAFE NSW - Technical and Further Education Commission01/07/1430/06/19
90009TAFE NSW - Western Institute01/07/1430/06/19
90000TAFE NSW - Western Sydney Institute01/07/1430/06/19
0275TAFE Queensland Brisbane01/07/1430/06/19
0418TAFE Queensland East Coast01/07/1430/06/19
0083TAFE Queensland Gold Coast01/07/1430/06/19
0542TAFE Queensland North01/07/1430/06/19
31396TAFE Queensland SkillsTech01/07/1430/06/19
0526TAFE Queensland South West01/07/1430/06/19
41026TAFE SA01/07/1430/06/19
40312Adelaide Institute of Business and Technology03/11/1402/11/19
91284Bombohill Pty Ltd03/11/1402/11/19
51930QTC Consulting Pty Ltd06/11/1405/11/19
1751Queensland Youth Justice RTO06/11/1405/11/19
40123SG & SG Knoll - Independent Institute of Food Processing - IIFP06/11/1405/11/19
2417Sterling Business College Pty Ltd06/11/1405/11/19
31587L DE LA HARPE & K J O'CONNELL07/11/1406/11/19
1050Licensed Club Industry Training Foundation of South Australia Incorporated07/11/1406/11/19
6603Survival First Response (Aust) Pty Ltd07/11/1406/11/19
6977Adult Migrant English Service (NSW)10/11/1409/01/19
31595Australian Training School Pty Ltd10/11/1409/01/19
4346Back to Basics Business Training Pty Ltd10/11/1409/01/19
40094D and C Healey Pty Ltd10/11/1409/11/19
4430DOME Association Inc10/11/1409/11/19
52118Equanimity Consultants Pty Ltd10/11/1409/11/19
91192Fuss Education Pty Ltd10/11/1409/11/19
91393Integratedliving Australia Ltd10/11/1409/11/19
91247McElvenny Ware Pty Ltd trading as Workspace Training10/11/1409/11/19
30979Meee Australia Pty Ltd10/11/1409/11/19
60154MMC Link Pty Ltd10/11/1409/11/19
31986Sejumi Pty Ltd10/11/1409/11/19
90054Sydney Community College Limited10/11/1409/11/19
4965The Real Estate Institute of South Australia Inc.10/11/1409/11/19
91467Corporate Partners Pty Ltd11/11/1410/11/19
7043Driver Training and Education Pty Ltd11/11/1410/11/19
88174Contract Me Pty Ltd as trustee for the Learning Options Discretionary Trust12/11/1411/11/19
40033Insight International Consultancy Pty Ltd12/11/1411/11/19
1020Para Worklinks Inc.12/11/1411/11/19
91392Trustees of the Roman Catholic Church Diocese of Bathurst12/11/1411/11/19
3798College of Fashion Design Pty Ltd16/11/1415/11/19
90197Integrated Care and Management Training Pty Ltd17/11/1416/11/19
1007Allstaff Training Consultants Pty Ltd18/11/1417/11/19
5446Becker Helicopter Services Pty Ltd18/11/1417/11/19
91227Elbon Consulting Services Pty Ltd18/11/1417/11/19
40309Red Earth Training Solutions Pty Ltd18/11/1417/11/19
90965Australian College of Ministries (ACOM)19/11/1418/11/19
3784Educational Living Pty Ltd19/11/1418/11/19
31741JASMARC Pty Ltd19/11/1418/11/19
647The Construction Industry Training Centre Inc21/11/1420/11/19
5370Horticultural Training Pty Ltd24/11/1423/11/19
2973KASE Enterprises Pty Ltd24/11/1423/11/19
91429Recognition First Pty Ltd25/11/1424/11/19
40053SYC Ltd25/11/1424/11/19
22175Y Learning and Development Pty Ltd27/11/1426/11/19
30895Xamerg Pty Ltd01/12/1430/11/19
91239Atkinson Training and Development Pty Ltd03/12/1402/12/19
6292C3 Church Sydney Ltd trading as C3 College03/12/1402/12/19
31956Sutherland Computer Training Pty Ltd03/12/1402/12/19
50514Victory Life International Bible Training Centre Inc03/12/1402/12/19
90488Trustees of the Roman Catholic Church for the Diocese of Broken Bay04/12/1403/12/19
21530Lee Hecht Harrison Pty Ltd09/12/1408/12/19
91419National Measurement Institute09/12/1408/12/19
91549RFJ OHS Operator Training & Assessments09/12/1408/12/19
90095Tamworth Community College Inc09/12/1408/12/19
2534Wellparks Holdings Pty Ltd t/as ERGT Australia09/12/1408/12/19
40056ARO Educational Services Pty Ltd17/12/1416/12/19
60058GlobalNet ICT Pty Ltd17/12/1416/12/19
2083Indian Ocean Group Training Association Incorporated17/12/1416/12/19
40119THE FOURTH FORCE PTY LTD17/12/1416/12/19
4863Adelaide College of Divinity Inc05/01/1504/01/20
6153Asian Pacific Institute05/01/1504/01/20
31731Austin & Vanohr Pty Ltd05/01/1504/01/20
51269Australian College of Training Pty Ltd05/01/1504/01/20
91758BCA National Training Group Pty Ltd05/01/1504/01/20
91577Coastal OHS Services Pty Ltd05/01/1504/01/20
52072Dalton Training Services Pty Limited05/01/1504/01/20
2131Family Planning Welfare Association NT Inc05/01/1504/01/20
60072Orange Vocational Education & Training05/01/1504/01/20
21443Systec Pty Ltd05/01/1504/01/20
90031The Centre for Volunteering05/01/1504/01/20
90490Trustees of the Roman Catholic Church for the Diocese of Parramatta05/01/1504/01/20
31739Corelink Pty Ltd07/01/1506/01/20
2401Skills Strategies International Pty Ltd09/01/1508/01/20
91245Cynergex Group Pty Ltd12/01/1511/01/20
90708GEMS Pty Ltd16/01/1515/01/20
90822Insurance Australia Group Services Pty Ltd22/01/1521/01/20
91134BAE Systems Australia Limited23/01/1522/01/20
0649Australian Fisheries Academy Ltd27/01/1526/06/20
51971Engineering Institute of Technology Pty Ltd27/01/1526/01/20
22158Australian Technical and Management College Pty Ltd as trustee for Australian Technical and Management College Trust29/01/1528/01/20
40101Access Training Centre Pty Ltd16/02/1515/02/20
90834Coffs Coast Community College Inc16/02/1515/02/20
90084Employment & Training Australia Inc16/02/1515/02/20
0080Heather Langton Pty Ltd16/02/1515/02/20
31798Queensland Association of School Tuckshops Inc16/02/1515/02/20
31116Yalga-binbi Institute for Community Development Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders Corporation16/02/1515/02/20
22228College for Adult Learning Pty. Ltd. as The Trustee for Golding/Sabell Trust17/02/1516/02/20
40117The Minister for Education and Child Development17/02/1516/02/20
3733Coonara Community House Inc19/02/1518/02/20
31719Learning Partnerships in Business Pty Ltd19/02/1518/02/20
90315Port Macquarie Community College Inc19/02/1518/02/20
7074Seafood Training Tasmania (Inc.)19/02/1518/02/20
21739Integrity Business College Australasia Pty Ltd26/02/1525/02/20
60053Dementia & Alzheimer's Association of Tasmania Inc.04/03/1503/03/20
7091St George & Sutherland Community College Inc04/03/1503/03/20
90941Cloudten Pty Ltd06/03/1505/03/20
31843Broadspectrum Training Services Pty Ltd10/03/1511/03/20
21413Scientific Management Associates (Operations) Pty Ltd12/03/1511/03/20
6901Foundation for Education & Training Ltd13/03/1512/03/20
90224Hunter Business Centre Ltd16/03/1515/03/20
31175People and Performance Solutions P/L as Trustee for the P & PS Trust16/03/1516/03/20
22248LaTrobe International Galleries Pty. Ltd.18/03/1517/03/20
91518John Shane Cantrell19/03/1518/03/20
91613Visual Concepts & Design Australia Pty Ltd23/03/1522/03/20
91581Lawrence Davis Training Group Pty Ltd as The Trustee for The LDTG Trust25/03/1524/03/20
21488Trans-Plant Training Pty Ltd25/03/1524/03/20
6796Amalgamated Pest Control Pty Ltd02/04/1501/04/20
91469Acacia Group Ltd20/04/1519/04/20
31955Training Professionals Pty Ltd20/04/1519/04/20
31926Interlink Technology Services Pty Ltd30/04/1529/04/20
40038The Centre for People Development Pty Ltd30/04/1529/04/20
91546Fork Skills Operations Pty Ltd05/05/1504/05/20
1896School of Hairdressing Pty Ltd05/05/1504/05/20
6971VERTO Ltd05/05/1504/05/20
4256Corporate Training Solutions Pty Ltd06/05/1505/05/20
2240Employment Options Inc08/05/1507/05/20
1350ActewAGL Distribution13/05/1514/05/20
32017Australian College of Technology and Business Pty Ltd13/05/1512/05/20
6558Eurobodalla Adult Education Centre Inc13/05/1512/05/20
3875Innovative Business Training Pty Ltd15/05/1514/05/20
52169TriSector Pty Ltd15/05/1514/05/20
90743Impact Training Institute Pty Ltd18/05/1517/05/20
22107National Training & Solutions Provider Pty. Ltd.18/05/1517/05/20
91049TTAAS Thommo's Training & Assessment Systems Pty Ltd18/05/1517/05/20
90284Tandem College Pty Ltd21/05/1520/05/20
52007Australian Professional Skills Institute Pty Ltd22/05/1521/05/20
91275Holistic Healing Company Pty Ltd.01/06/1531/05/20
90349National Institute of Dramatic Art01/06/1531/05/20
40250Just Temp Me Travel Pty Ltd04/06/1503/06/20
91485Institute of Strategic Management Pty Ltd05/06/1504/06/20
30008Horizon Foundation Inc15/06/1514/06/20
0546Royal Australian Air Force15/06/1514/06/20
31811Paraskevi International Pty Ltd17/06/1516/06/20
1056Australian Federal Police College19/06/1518/06/20
40315Adelaide Truck Training Pty Ltd23/06/1522/06/20
90897Real Estate Training Solutions Pty Ltd23/06/1522/06/20
90078Sydney Opera House Trust23/06/1522/06/20
90297Workers Educational Association (WEA) Illawarra07/07/1506/07/20
91492Belelmo Pty Ltd08/07/1507/07/20
91464College of Neuro-Training Pty Ltd09/07/1508/07/20
40149AWC Solutions Pty Ltd23/07/1522/07/20
3132The Australian Ballet School30/07/1529/07/20
40110Surf Life Saving South Australia Inc05/08/1504/08/20
88182Diverse Training Concepts Pty Ltd10/08/1509/08/20
60067St Michael's Association Inc20/08/1519/08/20
5210Mater Education Limited25/08/1524/08/20
31615Techserve Pty Ltd25/08/1524/08/20
90864Congia Enterprises Pty Ltd03/09/1502/09/20
31980EduBiz International Limited03/09/1502/09/20
90720Hammond Institute Pty Ltd07/09/1506/09/20
40242South Australian State Emergency Service15/09/1514/09/20
90842Community Child Care Co-Operative Ltd (NSW)16/09/1515/09/20
6302Paideia Pty Ltd as Trustee for the Reimers Family Trust17/09/1516/09/20
32268Paradise First Aid Pty Ltd25/09/1524/09/20
31916The Financial Services School Pty Ltd25/09/1524/09/20
32254Training Management Pty Ltd25/09/1524/09/20
2462ACT Government Health Directorate28/09/1527/09/20
0050Australian Army28/09/1527/09/20
40364IAA Education Pty Ltd28/09/1527/09/20
0115Impact Community Services Inc28/09/1527/09/20
30939J & B Personnel Pty Ltd28/09/1527/09/20
40074Status Works Pty Ltd28/09/1527/09/20
40186Tammy Hristakopoulos28/09/1527/09/20
52253Training For Me Pty Ltd28/09/1527/09/20
40358Academy IT Pty Ltd08/10/1507/10/20
88072Anglican Church Property Trust Diocese of Canberra & Goulburn08/10/1507/10/20
0382Real Estate Institute of the Northern Territory Inc08/10/1507/10/20
107108Kelaart Security Training Services Pty Ltd09/10/1508/10/20
4436Lady Gowrie Child Centre Inc09/10/1508/10/20
40219Australian Skills Development Institute Pty Ltd14/10/1513/10/20
91462Club Sail Pty Ltd14/10/1513/10/20
31520Lindana Pty Ltd14/10/1513/10/20
91574Assess to Lift Pty Ltd15/10/1514/10/20
90403Boral Construction Materials Ltd15/10/1514/10/20
40126Dalynn Holdings Pty Ltd15/10/1514/10/20
91497Proteen for Teens Inc15/10/1514/10/20
91509Milskil Pty Ltd23/10/1522/10/20
3821National Food Institute Pty Ltd23/10/1522/10/20
32302NQ Powertrain Pty Ltd23/10/1522/10/20
4755Alzheimer's Australia WA Ltd30/10/1529/10/20
40347AW & LJ Long Pty Ltd30/10/1529/10/20
88000Erindale College30/10/1529/10/20
6103Greenacres Disability Services30/10/1529/10/20
30122ALPHA TO OMEGA PTY. LTD.13/11/1512/11/20
22094Australian Childhood Foundation13/11/1512/11/20
50289Modal Pty Ltd13/11/1512/11/20
90171MTC Australia Limited13/11/1512/11/20
91522Purna Yoga Ltd13/11/1512/11/20
6287Royal Automobile Club of Victoria (RACV) Limited13/11/1512/11/20
4742Tiwi Training & Employment Pty Ltd13/11/1512/11/20
3752Deakin University23/11/1522/11/20
31135Ray Howe Pty Ltd23/11/1522/11/20
4567Stanborough Wemyss Contracting Pty Ltd23/11/1522/11/20
40249SWAT Stokes Workplace Assessment Training Group Pty Ltd23/11/1522/11/20
90500SafeWork NSW02/12/1501/12/20
40352Butzigus Pty Ltd03/12/1502/12/20
1373YWCA of Canberra03/12/1502/12/20
60131University of Tasmania23/12/1522/12/20
40142Aboriginal Health Council of South Australia Inc15/02/1614/02/21
50292Djaringo Pty Ltd15/02/1614/02/21
90381Tuggerah Lakes Community College Inc15/02/1614/02/21
91318Belelmont Pty Ltd01/03/1628/02/21
3696Centre for Excellence in Child and Family Welfare Inc01/03/1628/02/21
32126ICON TRAINING ACADEMY PTY LTD01/03/1628/02/21
60164Youth Futures Incorporated01/03/1628/02/21
40218Regional Transport Training Services Pty Ltd22/03/1621/03/21
6738Aerospace Training Services Pty Ltd15/04/1614/04/21
0366GEM College of International Business (Australia) Pty Ltd15/04/1614/04/21
88191Key 2 Learning Pty Ltd27/04/1626/04/21
3974Murray Mallee Training Company Ltd13/05/1612/05/21
90478Sydney Catholic Schools13/05/1612/05/21
90531Vital First Aid Training Services Pty Ltd16/05/1615/05/21
22004Australian Centre for Grief and Bereavement17/05/1616/05/21
91221Oz Skills Careers College Pty Ltd17/05/1616/05/21
7148SALTERA GROUP PTY LTD17/05/1616/05/21
6517The Career Training Institute of Australia Pty Ltd17/05/1616/05/21
70203The Mask Academy Pty Ltd as The Trustee for The Mask Academy Trust17/05/1616/05/21
22065Eastern College Australia Incorporated19/05/1618/05/21
52129IN2 Directions Pty Ltd19/05/1618/05/21
31544Astra Group Services Pty Ltd24/05/1623/05/21
51679Tubal Pty Ltd24/05/1623/05/21
31981Flossink Pty Ltd26/05/1625/05/21
91403Bruthafromanothermutha Pty Ltd01/06/1631/05/21
91729Trissig Pty Ltd01/06/1631/05/21
21230Vocational Pathways Pty Ltd01/06/1631/05/21
90018Camden Haven Community College Inc02/06/1601/06/21
4909Federation University Australia02/06/1601/06/21
3097Wodonga Institute of TAFE02/06/1601/06/21
40336Adelaide Educators Pty Ltd08/06/1607/06/21
90027Community College-Northern Inland Inc08/06/1607/06/21
22341Total Business Services & Training Pty Ltd08/06/1607/06/21
7104Griffith Skills Training Centre Inc15/06/1614/06/21
2686Office of Environment and Heritage16/06/1615/06/21
5800Alan Bartlett Consulting Pty Ltd17/06/1616/06/21
32052Future Skills Limited17/06/1616/06/21
91739Uniting Institute of Education Ltd22/06/1621/06/21
88024St Francis Xavier College28/06/1627/06/21
91802Sydney Construction Training School Pty Ltd05/07/1604/07/21
91448Holy Family Services07/07/1606/07/21
0111Photography Holdings Pty Ltd07/07/1606/07/21
52095Infinity Training Australia Pty Ltd 18/07/1617/07/21
31972Mouse House Designs Pty Ltd18/07/1617/07/21
5797Rick Davis and Associates Pty Ltd as Trustee for The A&M Mohammed Family Trust01/08/1631/07/21
31906Queensland Justices Association03/08/1602/08/21
140030Bridgestone Australia Ltd04/08/1603/08/21
90278Response Employment & Training Pty Ltd08/08/1607/08/21
90821AAPC Ltd16/08/1615/08/21
91622AD1 College Pty Ltd17/08/1616/08/21
0590AMES Australia19/08/1618/08/21
31124SHARED HOPE TRAINING PTY. LTD.22/08/1621/08/21
5090Australian Vocational Training and Employment Services Pty Limited29/08/1628/08/21
88011Merici College05/09/1604/09/21
5493Lyceum Education Centre Pty Ltd19/09/1618/09/21
70045Karen Sheldon Catering Pty Ltd 22/09/1621/09/21
40103Nunkuwarrin Yunti of South Australia Inc25/10/1624/10/21
6754UNE Partnerships Pty Ltd11/11/1610/11/21

More information

If you have a question about the delegation of regulatory responsibilities to RTOs:


Phone: ASQA Delegates information line on 1300 404 504. The info line operates from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm, EST, Monday to Friday.

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